Win a free Twilight Saga T-Shirt from CafePress

Have you seen the cool Twilight Saga t-shirts & goodies available at the CafePress Twilight Shop? They’ve got TONS of cool merchandise — including new Eclipse gear, and a tool that lets you personalize your own Team Edward or Team Jacob gear.

If you shop before the end of tomorrow, Thursday July 15th, you can even get 15% off using NNT’s exclusive discount code! Just type the codeword TWIHARDSAV upon checkout.

Now, want to WIN some of that cool stuff from CafePress?

You’re in luck … we’re giving away one T-shirt (winner’s choice!) to one of you fine folks!

How to Enter

Head to the CafePress Twilight Shop and find your favorite shirt

Post a comment below with a link to your favorite shirt — and you’re automatically entered to win!


  • U.S. Only
  • Please only pick ONE design
  • Please post only ONE comment
  • Multiple comments will be disqualified


Post your pick by midnight (PT) this Friday, July 16th


58 Responses

  1. Too many to choose from! (and I’ve ordered a few things already), but I love this one!,385706001

  2. This one’s my fav (prob cuz I love to use that line lol),360497191


    So sue me…. I like simple and classic designs – Or something really abstract
    I know
    I know
    picky picky picky

  4. My fav item is the Cullenized Women’s Cap Sleeve T Shirt.

  5. PICK ME!!! ^_^ please!!! i really love this one!!! and im a totally big twilight saga fan! 🙂 love you!!!,387035678

    Size Medium 🙂

  6. I LOVE t shirts!!! That is pretty much all I ever wear now! I love to be a bum when I have class haha! But CafePress has ssooooo many to choose from so I narrowed it down by typing Edward in the search box and that didn’t help much. 100 pages later, I came back to the very first one on the very first page because I kept thinking about it!,450661551

    I like it because it represents all of the t shirts I saw that I liked when going through all of those pages in a way! I love the ‘Isle Esme’, ;Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner’, ‘Penguins Lovely’ and so many others! I love all of the symbols and quotes/sayings on the shirt!! Its like having all of those shirts rolled into one!! I love the bright colors as well, very cute and girly!!! I don’t particularly like Jacobs name on the shirt but I guess since he was in the series he can stay! haha! I am Very much TEAM EDWARD by the way!! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  7. I always thought this one was cool =). I hope I win!,363234484

    Size L Please!
    Good Luck to ya all!!! ♥☼♥

  9. There’s just so many to choose from.,342304727
    Medium Light Blue.


    Um, black and size medium. Thanks! 😉

  11. I love the variety haha so many good ones,418873085

  12. Love it!,376312984

    Where’s the one that says, “because I don’t have to choose”?

  13. I want to get the hubby this one so he doesn’t feel so left out,315115978

  14. jasper_says_relax_dark_tshirt,390110655 I ❤ this shirt

  15. I love all the creative shirts out there. I think this is my favorite of the moment:,441422977


    I love this shirt because it has all my favorite quotes on it from eclipse! 🙂

  17. I adore the colors of this one, it’s a bit simpler than some, but since I am a twi mom, it sort of fits my personality.,430574087

  18. I really really luv Jacob and I really want to win this shirt because well it says it all!,419166849

  19. My daughter is in love with the Twilight Series and the Quileute wolves I really hope I win.,400530013

  20. This one rocks, you get the soldiers that go on about how tough bootcamp can be! They got nothing on Vampire Bootcamp! Jasper knows how to be a drill sergeant!

  21. All the shirts are great but I really love this one,324898457

  22. This is my favorite shirt because it looks nice it’s simple and because I’m team Edward all the way.,330930207

  23. I may be too late. eek! But I am loving this shirt! And this contest! Thank you so much!,325423595

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