Toys-R-Us & Eclipse Ultimate Sweepstakes!

Just announced!  Toys-R-Us has a new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sweepstakes!  Link here.

One lucky winner will receive a signed Eclipse movie script as the grand prize.

They also have a lot of really nice Eclipse merchandise.

EDIT: I’m sorry about the link.  I swear it was there!  Anyway, I updated it.  Hopefully you can see it now, let me know if still can’t access it.

EDIT #2:  OK.  For some reason, I can’t access it from the link I posted, so I went back to the Facebook post that I originally received announcing the contest and it launched the site from there.  I just tried it again and it worked a second time.  So, try it that way and see if that works for you.  I’m really sorry for all the confusion.  😦


6 Responses

  1. There’s nothing on the link you gave, was it the right one?

  2. I agree, there is still nothing there.

  3. I tried a zillion times, there’s nothing.

  4. Looks like it’s a problem with TRU’s site. If we find a working link on their site, we’ll update the post!

  5. I don’t really know but it’s now only showing eclipse merchandise for me.
    If that was it then I’m really confused on what to do on it.

  6. Thank you, but apparently, something is probably wrong with my computer but it still isn’t working.
    Maybe I should try on a diff computer.

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