Catching up on the latest Twi-News headlines …

* Reelz Channel’s latest Twilight Tidbit features Kristen Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys and Robert Pattinson’s short film The Summer House on iTunes (You can download it for $1.99 … I did!)

* Billy Burke talks to HitFix about Twilight and his new project Drive Angry

* The Huffington Post has an interesting article about what makes Edward Cullen so attractive, and what guys can learn about seducing women from Twilight (seriously, dudes, go read this!!!)

* Kellan Lutz talks to MTV about working with Ashley Greene on Warriors

* Director Bryan Singer tells MTV that he really did want Taylor Lautner for X-Men: Origins

* Stephenie Meyer talks to MTV about her role as producer in Breaking Dawn

* Kellan Lutz & BooBoo Stewart were at the DoSomething Awards

* The Twilight Examiner explores what’s left for Twilight fans to look forward to in 2010

* One of the funnier interviews to date … Ms. Green (the Green M&M) interviews Ashley Greene:

(Note: the technology they use to do this is really cool. The Green M&M is able to respond naturally to any comment made by the person she’s talking to. Last year, we even did a live satellite interview with Ms. Green on the news show I produce — and she responded immediately to all of the off-the-cuff comments my anchors made. It was hilarious & awesome! You can see it here, if you’re interested.)


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