The Twilight Meadow with purple flowers really exists!

Okay, so, I must confess … one of the things I always thought was a wee bit silly in all three Twilight Saga movies were the purple flowers in the field for the meadow scenes. I know, I know … in the book, it’s described as having all these flowers. But still. Purple flowers? Plus, they filmed the original scene in Twilight in my friend’s backyard, and he watched the set people stick hundreds of fake purple flowers into his lawn — which just makes it sound all the more ridiculous.

But those meadows full of purple flowers really do exist here in the Pacific Northwest!

That’s what my parents discovered this past weekend while visiting Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest just outside of Port Angeles. Take a look at the picture of my dad in one such meadow (he’s my mom’s Edward — can’t you see him sparkling?):

It looks just like the movie!

So I hereby retract all my comments about thinking the meadow of purple flowers was silly. It’s totally realistic. Really.


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    • Yep. They ended up reshooting the meadow scene in L.A., so you don’t see much of his yard in the movie. But you do see his garage — when the Cullens are loading up their cars to whisk Bella away to Phoenix!

      Of course … my friend didn’t realize I was such a huge fan of Twilight at the time, so I didn’t know about any of the filming going on at his place until AFTER it was all done.

  2. Hey, i’m sorry, but this is not THE MEADOW of Twilight saga…
    I’m still trying to find out which are the flowers in the movie, but they aren’t lavender, the purple one that apears in our photo…
    Anyway, its a very beautiful place.
    I don’t know what about US, but we have many baeutiful purple flowers in Brazil…
    See ya!

  3. this flower is called larkspur i think and actually its weed but i don’t care, i want flower field too

  4. I hope you see this as I’m going to Forks in September. Any chance your parents shared where exactly this meadow is? I don’t care if it’s not in the movie…I’m more a book girl and so this, to me, IS the meadow.

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