Twilight Fix – B&E Video

Suffering from lack of Twilight Saga news? Me too. Over at the always fun and always informative Lion and Lamb forums, I came across a brilliant B&E video. You can check it out below. It uses music from another one of my fav vamp outings, the short-lived Moonlight series.

Do you have a fav fan-made Twilight Saga video? If so, post the url in our comments section, and we’ll showcase some of your favorites next week!


One Response

  1. This video is already on my favorites list on YouTube! I subscibe to her work. 🙂 So beautiful…

    Here are a few of my other favs:

    The Harbinger [Alice]…This is a really cool video about Alice’s vision of Bella coming to Forks. My favorite part is the final voice over. Love it! –

    Sleep Well, My Angel (A New Moon Vid)-

    The absence of him is everywhere I look (New Moon) –

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