The Twilight Saga books get a red & white makeover in the UK

The UK publishers of The Twilight Saga books (Atom Books, an imprint of Little Brown) have announced special editions of all four books — with white covers. The books will also feature pages edged in red ink.

The covers will feature the iconic imagery from the original books, but on a white background and with no text. The title and author will only appear on the spine. They’ll be available in the UK and other select overseas locations starting in October.

Anybody else think these look SO cool?


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, these are awesome!!! Very bold. I wonder if they’ll be available in the States?

    • It sounds like you can preorder them from the UK, but they are spendy. I think I saw the Lex say it was more than $60 (US) to get all four books. Yikes!

      But they ARE so pretty … I love the covers with no text, especially.

  2. I agree. They are amazing. I really love the way they look!!

  3. Where can you pre-order them?

  4. I had these as a gift for Chrismas, and I have to say, they’re soo beautiful! I don’t wanna read them cos’ they’re THAT nice!
    You can pick them up over here in the UK for 2 for 8Pounds in Tesco, which is 16 pound total for all four! Pretty cool! I reccomend!

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