Back to School Week 2010: First Day of School Fan Fiction Challenge

As part of our third annual Back to School week, we have a fun school-themed Fan Fiction challenge for you!

Everyone has a “first day at a new school” — whether it’s because you move to a new town or because you graduate from junior high or middle school to high school.  But for the Cullen kids, there are a lot of first days at a new school.  Your challenge for September and October is to write a story about one of those first days of school for one of the Cullens.  You can choose to write about any of the seven Cullen kids — Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Edward, Bella, or Renesmee — in any location, at any time frame…as long as it fits in canon. You could write about the first time he or she attends high school with humans as a vampire, or the 100th time.  It just has to be the first day at a different   school.

But wait — you’re not getting out of doing your homework on this one!  The location and time period you choose must makes sense for the character you’ve chosen.  For example, it’s very unlikely any of the Cullens started attending high school within the first year of their transformation.  Also, it’s not likely that the Cullens will still be in Forks when Bella and/or Renesmee attend high school.

Besides the books themselves, a great place to research where the Cullens might be at any given time period is the Twilight Lexicon website.  There you will find a timeline of known events in the Cullens’ lives, character bios, and interviews with Stephenie Meyer where she gives more details about the Cullens.  We don’t know the Cullens’ complete history, so you have quite a bit of flexibility, but be sure you’re not having them living in Alaska at the same time Rosalie is supposed to be finding Emmett in Tennessee, for example.

In addition to keeping your story within the canon Twilight universe, you also have to consider the time period you are writing about.  What were schools like at that time?  What did people wear?  How did they speak?  How were women treated differently, if at all, than men?

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Stories must use proper grammar & spelling; any story with frequent grammatical & spelling errors will be automatically disqualified.  (I’ve let several entries slide in the past, but I’m going to start enforcing this rule now!  Please see the next guideline if you need help with grammar.)
  • Please use a beta. A beta is a person who helps you edit and improve your story.  One place to find a qualified beta is Project Team Beta.  Fill out their Story Application to get started. Be sure to give yourself ample time if you choose to use a beta. It can take up to a week to go through the beta process.  Include the contest deadline in your story application so the betas are aware.
  • Entries should be at least 500 words long.
  • Please keep the content of your story to PG-13 or lower rating.
  • You may submit as many stories as you like, but only one will be eligible to win judge’s choice.

How to Enter:

After you have written your story and edited and perfected it, upload it to using the directions on the website.  Then send us a Private Message (PM) to our account with the link to your story.  If for any reason you are unable to send a PM to our account, you can email

No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.  PLEASE do not wait until the last minute.  Sign up for your account early if you don’t already have one — it’s OK to have an account without any stories right away.

If you have problems signing up for an account or submitting your story on, please email me at so we can work it out.  Again, please don’t wait until the last minute.

Novel Novice Twilight’s profile is here:

Any questions please leave a comment here or send an email.


All entries are due by 11:59PM (PST) on Sunday, October 31.

The winning entries will be featured here on NNT, and the winners will receive a graphic banner to post with their stories.

*          *          *

(Pssst — looking for today’s Codeword?  It’s TEXTBOOK)

Enter the codeword in the NNT Back to School Week Contest Entry Form for your chance to win, and check back daily for more codewords and more chances to win! Get complete rules & details here.


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