Back to School Week: Twilight Saga Homework Planners

Doing homework is a drag, that’s no secret. But what if you could at least keep Edward, Bella, Jacob and all the rest in your thoughts while completing those assignments? Well, then that homework doesn’t seem like such a downer.

Novel Novice Twilight is here to help, with two downloadable Twilight Saga Homework Planners. Just download the planners and print out as many as you need. Each planner will cover you for one full week!

You can also download the homework planners as Word documents:

Homework Planner: Bella & Edward

Homework Planner: Bella & Jacob

Don’t forget about our Back to School Week Contest – Today’s Daily Codeword: APPLE

Enter the codeword in the NNT Back to School Week Contest Entry Form for your chance to win, and check back daily for more codewords and more chances to win! Get complete rules & details here.


2 Responses

  1. I am TEAM EDWARD but the edward and bella planner is not as good as the jacob and bella. guess it’s because i am not a huge fan of pink. still going for edward and bella planner though 🙂

  2. These are really cool!!! Great idea, thanks:)

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