Back to School Week: Twilight Saga Project & Essay Ideas

Back to School Week continues today, with more ways to incorporate The Twilight Saga into your academic life. Today, we have a selection of project & essay ideas for The Twilight Saga that you can use in the classroom!

Students, use these to incorporate your favorite books into your school work.

Teachers, use these to get your students thinking critically about Edward, Jacob & all the rest!

* Research vampire novels as far back as you can go and make a timeline. (You’ll have to pick some of the major ones to represent the last few years since there are so many now.) Do you see any trends?

* Pick a classic vampire novel and compare it to Twilight. How are they similar and how are they different? Check out some of our posts at Novel Novice on Kimberley Pauley’s Sucks to Be Me for inspiration. (Bram Stoker, Vlad the Impaler, etc.)

* Vampires from all over the globe converge on Forks at the end of Breaking Dawn. Pick one of the countries represented and research its vampire folklore.

* Why do you think vampires are so popular right now? What is it about them that appeals to readers in the 21st century? Why have they endured so long? What’s happening in the world right now that makes people turn to these mythological creatures?

* Prepare a “vampire primer” — comparing the different vampire rules by author. Explore what makes the vampires of Twilight unique, and compare these qualities to what makes vampires of other novels unique. Use both the “classics,” like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and more contemporary works, such as Anne Rice’s vampire novels and Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series.

* Vampires aren’t the only “creatures” popular in YA lit these days. Other popular themes include werewolves (Shiver), fallen angels (Fallen; Hush, Hush) and witches (Beautiful Creatures). What makes the supernatural so appealing to readers? How do these “creature” stories differ? How are they similar? Choose on of these other popular YA novels and compare it to Twilight. What are the similarities & differences?

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