Back to School: Using The Twilight Saga in the Classroom

It’s the final day of Back to School Week here at Novel Novice Twilight, and we want to bring you one last post on resources for using The Twilight Saga in the classroom.

Using Twilight To Study:

For resources, be sure to check out these books — which can help you study vocabulary & history using The Twilight Saga books:

  • Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf
  • Defining New Moon by Brian Leaf
  • Defining Eclipse by Brian Leaf
  • Defining Breaking Dawn by Brian Leaf (coming soon!)
  • Twilight & History ed. by Nancy R. Reagin
  • Twilight & Philosophy ed. by Rebecca Housel & J. Jeremy Wisnewski

Twilight in the Classroom:

Earlier this year, we asked you — the fans — to submit your ideas for featuring The Twilight Saga in the classroom. Here are some of the BEST ideas, organized by subject:


  • Read the book then create a shoebox book report.
  • Create an alternate ending to Breaking Dawn.
  • Study the classics mentioned in Twilight, such as Romeo & Juliet and Wuthering Heights
  • Write a compare and contrast essay featuring Twilight and Romeo & Juliet


  • Pick your favorite Cullen and study their time period.
  • Write a paper on Jasper’s life in the Civil War using historical facts
  • Explore what life was like for women during Rosalie’s era

Math & Science:

  • Create a Twilight themed town and find the measurements, area, perimeter, or surface area of the landmarks.
  • When learning about imprinting and animal behavior or mitosis, use Twilight as an example.
  • Teens could study how they think vampire transformation works. Like where the venom enters they could estimate how long it would take to takeover the whole body and what parts of the body would grow stronger first.
  • The biological possibilities in the Twilight world. I’ve sparked so many conversations with my friends about the possibility of Nessie’s conception.
  • Calculating (ex problem: Edward Cullen became a vampire in 1918. If he “fed” once, twice, or three times a week what is the mean, median, and mode of the possible times he has fed.)
  • Do some math problems involving the Cullens: how long they live, how many hours of sleep they have missed out on, etc.


  • Perform the Newborn fight scene.
  • “Newborn” physical training, Arm wrestling

Art, Drama & Music:

  • Create your own soundtrack to the book.
  • Turn Twilight into a play.
  • Create or recreate your own movie poster.
  • Create a Twilight collage.
  • Learn about Debussy and other classical musicians.
  • Discussions/Lessons based on the movie soundtracks and the book play lists made by Stephenie Meyer.
  • Have students create their own soundtrack for the book. Obviously, Stephenie uses music as a muse (as do many other writers). It’s interesting to see what the student’s take on certain scenes or chapters in the book are. The students need to have a good grasp on both the book and music.
  • Practice them drawing an apple in a pair of hands

Teacher’s Resources:

Hey teachers! Need ideas for using Twilight in the classroom? Besides those above, here are a few more resources for you:

Don’t forget about our Back to School Week Contest – Today’s Daily Codeword: STUDY

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