Wedding Fan Fiction Challenge Winners (& an update)!

After a long delay (sorry guys, the NNT staff has been slammin’ busy lately), we’re delighted to present the winners of our Wedding Fan Fiction Challenge. I’m stepping in to share the good news with you, since Christie — who normally runs our fan fic challenges — is busy welcoming a new baby.

But that brings me to a quick announcement … since Christie is a little busy right now, expect some delays posting the finalists in our “One Fine Summer’s Day” challenge. Rest assured, we WILL post them eventually — but as you can imagine, Christie will be a bit distracted for a while.

And don’t forget you can continue to enter our First Day of School Fan Fiction Challenge through the end of October.You can continue to send your questions to, as Christie promises to check in as often as she can.

And now … the Wedding Fan Fiction Challenge Winners, who all get this spiffy banner to post with their stories:

Reader’s Choice:

“As She Walks Down the Aisle” by RosieBlondieCullen101

Judges’ Choices:

“Letting Go” by LauraEmily18

“Complete at Last” by Mystrelle

Congrats to the winners & thanks to everyone who entered!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info, NNT. Quick question – is there a first, second, and third place, or simply a reader’s choice and two judges’ choices?

  2. you guys should UPDATE !

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