Happy Halloween – Twilight Saga Style!

Happy Halloween, Twilighters! Anyone got some fabulous Twilight Saga-inspired Halloween costumes this year? What about pumpkins?

To wish you some haunted holiday cheers, here’s our Halloween-themed Twilight Saga video from last year:


Exclusive Interview with the cast of The Hillywood Show

During The Official Twilight Convention in Portland, OR earlier this month, I had the opportunity to interview the cast of The Hillywood Show. Hilly Hindi, Hannah Hindi, Jacob Jost, Drew Lorentz and Kyle Dayton are the creative and talented folks behind the Twilight Parody, the New Moon Parody and the upcoming Eclipse Parody.

Special thanks to the entire cast for making time during their busy weekend for this interview!

Check it out below:

Learn more about The Hillywood Show & how you can support them online.

And in the meantime, check out the teaser for their upcoming Eclipse Parody:

Students Perform Twilight Musical Parody: “Love Sucks”

We love seeing students getting creative here at Novel Novice Twilight, especially when The Twilight Saga sparks that creativity. Thanks to NNT visitor Lisa, we’ve learned about a group of students from Canton High School in Michigan who produced and starred in “Love Sucks: A Vampire Musical Parody” this past summer — and they’ve really pulled out all the stops. We’ve seen plenty of great spoof videos online, but these kids actually wrote, choreographed and staged an entire theatrical production and performed it in front of a live audience.

You can read more about how the production came to be, and the guys who wrote it, here. But more importantly you can watch the entire production on the “Love Sucks” YouTube channel. If you click “more info” on each video, you can even find scene notes & song lyrics!

Here is the first part:

& in part two we’re introduced to “Edmund” … (it’s seriously hilarious):

Click HERE to go see the entire musical!

Preview The Simpsons‘s Twilight Parody feat. Daniel Radcliffe

FOX has released a teaser for this year’s “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons, which features a fairly obvious Twilight parody — and Daniel Radcliffe is providing the voice of the Edward-like vampire. You’ll recognize a few scenes being parodied in the teaser video below:

Time to set your DVRs! The episode airs on Sunday, November 7th at 8/7c.

Eclipse Behind the Scenes: “Bella’s Choice” & “The Cullens”

Are you ready for the Eclipse DVD? Yeah, so are we. But while we still have a couple months to wait, two new behind-the-scenes videos have been released to keep you satisfied in the meantime. Check out “Bella’s Choice” and “The Cullens” below:

Kristen Stewart: There will be feathers in Breaking Dawn

MTV has posted its 7-part rough cut interview with Kristen Stewart. In it, she talks about Welcome to the Rileys, On the Road and of course, Breaking Dawn. It’s a great interview, and take note in part 6 where MTV asks about the Breaking Dawn script and Kristen confirms … there WILL be feathers!

Oh, Edward … such a pillow-biter.

Kristen also says that she’s just finished a read-through of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Kristen Stewart talks Breaking Dawn & Other Twi-News

* Kristen Stewart is doing press for Welcome to the Rileys right now, so there are lots of new emerging interviews from her. In one interview with Access Hollywood, she talks about Breaking Dawn and why she’s so excited to start working on it. (She also talks about how she’s glad that it’s being made as two movies.)

* Kristen Stewart also appeared at the Scream Awards this weekend — they air on Spike TV Tuesday night — where she accepted the award for best fantasy actress for Eclipse. Eclipse also won in a few other categories! Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone also appeared to represent The Twilight Saga.

* From the red carpet at the Scream Awards, Nikki Reed talked to MTV about the script for Breaking Dawn.

* Twilightish & TwiFans also talked to Jackson Rathbone about Breaking Dawn on the red carpet of the Scream Awards:

* As we mentioned, Kristen Stewart made an appearance at the Scream Awards — but just barely, it seems. Check out this blurb from E! Online:

There was some confusion at the start of the evening because her name had been taken off the media tip sheet, but…

Turned out she just wasn’t able to make it to the arrivals in time. Why? Well, she’d been in Louisiana for about a day and a half rehearsing Breaking Dawn with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, so she was jetted in by private plane and made it to the Scream soiree with mere minutes to spare.

* And Halloween is almost here. We just posted our Twilight Saga Halloween Guide — but our friends at Twilight Poison have posted a new costume guide for 2010, featuring tips for dressing as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. (And be sure to check out their past Twilight Saga costume guides — they are top notch!)