Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Twilight Convention

This weekend our ever so talented Sara is presenting at the Official Twilight Convention held in Portland, Or. I had the privilege of presenting at the convention in Charlotte, NC last spring. While I know Sara will have tons to report when she returns, I wanted to share with you five reasons you should venture out to a Twilight convention if given the chance. Over the weekend I will post my top five reasons along with plenty of pictures. I hope it gets you excited to see what Sara reports when she gets back. Don’t forget you can follow NNT on twitter where Sara is posting from the convention all weekend.

Reason # 5:

The Hillywood Project – You know them as the sisters who created two of the best Twilight parodies to hit the internet. The sisters, along with a slew of Twilight cast impersonators host the three-day long event. Dressed from head to toe in their character costumes, this talented group makes the convention flow seamlessly, providing entertainment in between panels and controlling the Q&A sessions (which between the highly enthused actors and loopy, fun-lovin fans can be quite the task). They also host the Vampire Ball, and attempt to teach the fans the dance from the original Twilight parody. This group is constantly walking around the convention hall. It’s rare to see them out of costume, and you have to wonder how they have so much energy. The convention sponsors picked a wonderful group of talented young people to host us Twilight fans.


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