Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Twilight Convention – Reason # 3

If you haven’t been following awesome NNT staff member, Sara on twitter (@novelnovice), you have been missing out on some great tweets from this weekend’s convention in Portland, Or. While we all anxiously await her write-up when she returns, we will continue our weekend long Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Twilight Convention.

Reason # 3 – The amazing social events organized by the Official Twilight Convention staff. Fans have the opportunity to add two special events to their weekend long fun. I had the great privilege of attending both of these events which included a karaoke night (introduced by Mr. Peter Facinelli and hosted by the insanely hyper Mike Welch), and the Vampire Ball. I’m not sure which event I had more fun at, but fun was definitely had. It was a great opportunity to meet fans and mingle with actors from the film.

I was literally blown away by the energy Mike Welch infused to an already rowdy and ready to party crowd. If you have not seen this man perform karaoke, you are missing out. He was standing on chairs, rolling around on the floor, and even singing in different voices. He was also very supportive of those fans who may of needed a little nudging to get on stage.

The Vampire Ball was a treat of its own. Though I will admit the room was a bit small for so many fans. One of the greatest moments of the night was when the winners of the trivia contest (held earlier in the weekend, winning makeovers as a prize) were surprised by being asked to dance by Mike Welch, Justin Chon, and Charlie Bewley. The DJ played amazing music, and all the fans were ready to dance. It was a great way to end the weekend for those of us who had to leave Sunday morning. I even brought out my cool sneakers to dance the night away.


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