Forks High School facade may be demolished, funds needed

Last year, the real-life Forks High School was torn down because it had been condemned and a new school is now in the process of being built. But the city of Forks wanted to salvage the historic, original facade of the school. However, now that, too, is in jeopardy of being destroyed:

Photo: Sara Gundell/Novel Novice Twilight

FORKS — The 1920s-era Forks High School facade might not be in its twilight — at least not yet.

A legal requirement imposed by City Hall forces the School Board to allow the public time to raise money — more than a quarter-million dollars — to reinforce the brick facade and transform it into a stand-alone monument on the redeveloped Forks High School campus.

The Quillayute Valley School District board decided Friday that the facade was too expensive to save with bond money used to finance the construction of new school buildings.

The conditional use permit granted by the city to do the construction work requires the district to give the public time to save the facade through alternate funding, Superintendent Diana Reaume said Monday.

The bid by Primo Construction Inc. of Carlsborg includes an alternate additional $271,000 to reinforce the facade to remain as a memory of the 1925 school building, the rest of which was torn down in June.

“Our efforts to save the facade are not over,” Reaume said.

Under terms of the city conditional use permit, the school district must hold a public hearing and give the public 45 days to come up with alternative funding, Reaume said.

The date for the hearing has not been set, but will be shortly, Reaume said.

Read more at the Peninsula Daily News.

I was in Forks just last month and snapped the above photo of the remaining facade (surrounded by chain link). You can see where the rest of the school was demolished around it.

For those wondering, the city of Forks has preserved the “Forks High School Home of the Spartans” wood sign (which was recreated in the Twilight movie) and have moved it to a nearby location, where fans can still pose for photos like this one:

(Me & my mom!)

For the comments: Have you been to Forks, Wash.? Did you see the original high school before it was torn down?


3 Responses

  1. I went to Forks for the first time last month, so I did not see the school before it was torn down. In fact, I didn’t even know that they tore it down before I went…so I was a tad surprised.
    At least I got to take a picture by the sign. 🙂

  2. I was in Forks in March and saw the school. I’m glad I got to see it. I didn’t even know it has been torn down until I saw this. Sad. Where are the kids attending classes???

  3. I’ve been to Forks twice and I’m currently planning my 3rd trip. I’m so sad that they couldn’t at least save the facade. It was amazing seeing it, I was jealous that my high school didn’t look like that.

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