Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Twilight Convention – # 1

Well, our countdown to our Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Twilight Convention has now come to an end. So here’s a little refresher for those of you who may have missed out:

5 – The Hillywood Show

4- The creativity / crafts of Twilight fans

3- Social Events

2- Actors from The Twilight Saga

and our number one reason to attend a Twilight Convention is…..

1- The Twilight Fans!!!!!

I was extremely nervous when I spoke at the Novel Novice Twilight panel at the Charlotte convention. I don’t always do so hot with public speaking, and I had little sleep the night before (plus a seven hour drive the morning of my presentation). Needless to say, I think I probably came off sounding a little crazy. That being said, the Twilight fans were so welcoming and supportive (and not just when I was giving away NNT swag and free books). Throughout the convention, fans came up to me and told me about their own educational experiences. Their stories really touched as an educator, and made me want to fight for my students even more. I mentioned I was alone for the weekend, and the fans made sure I was never without a friend to talk to. The fans were funny, a little kooky, and utterly accepting of everyone there (included Luigi). Sure, it’s great to meet the actors from the movies, but connecting with fellow fans is endearing in a way that words can’t properly describe.


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