Breaking Dawn: Where It’s at Now

I’ve noticed that Team-Twilight has been posting photos from the “set of Breaking Dawn,” but I didn’t want anyone to get over-excited.  This does not mean Breaking Dawn is filming yet.  According to IMDb, Breaking Dawn is still in pre-production.  According to Twilight Examiner, rehearsals are the only thing going on, most notably with Rob and Kristen.  In fact, some of the actors, such as Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone haven’t even met the director in person yet.

Movies are like plays.  They require rehearsal.  The bulk of the directing takes place during rehearsals.  Any directing on the actual set is just a few little tweaks.  Filming the movie would be a longer and more tedious process without these rehearsals.  This way, more focus can be on the final details like whether or not Robert’s hair has changed between takes instead of what Bella should be thinking when Jacob comes to visit, not to mention all tweaks involving the camera. Now don’t get me wrong, rehearsals are great news!  This is the point where the film begins to come alive off the page!  Just, there are no cameras rolling quite yet, and thank goodness!  Directing takes up a lot of brain function concerning the actors alone without the shots to worry about!  We don’t want Bill Condon to lose his mind now do we? Haha


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