Exclusive Interview with the cast of The Hillywood Show

During The Official Twilight Convention in Portland, OR earlier this month, I had the opportunity to interview the cast of The Hillywood Show. Hilly Hindi, Hannah Hindi, Jacob Jost, Drew Lorentz and Kyle Dayton are the creative and talented folks behind the Twilight Parody, the New Moon Parody and the upcoming Eclipse Parody.

Special thanks to the entire cast for making time during their busy weekend for this interview!

Check it out below:

Learn more about The Hillywood Show & how you can support them online.

And in the meantime, check out the teaser for their upcoming Eclipse Parody:


5 Responses

  1. […] Novel Novice interviewed The Hillywood Show cast members at the Portland Twilight convention. We can’t wait until their next parody, the Eclipse one, goes up! […]

  2. Nice interview!

    It’s amazing how much they really look like Bella, Jake, and Edward from behind!

    • Thanks! Yeah, there were a few times I spotted them out of the corner of my eye and had to do a double take! They’re a really nice bunch, though. It was fun getting to chat with them!

  3. […] 25 oktober 2010 • Kategorier: Intevjuer,Parodier Tidigare den här måndaden så intervjuade Novel Notice The Hillywood Show gänget under The Official Twilight Convention i Portland. Gud vad jag längtar […]

  4. they really make the best twilight parody EVER and im sooooo excited for the eclipse one!!!!! good interview! love the flash questions 😛 x

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