Breaking Dawn: Brazil Set Photos (B&E Kissing!)

Holy smackerels! They’re KISSING!

Sorry about that. It had to be said.

Filming on Breaking Dawn has begun in Brazil (we showed you some video & pics yesterday of Robert Pattionson & Kristen Stewart filming in a boat) — and now there are photos of Rob and Kristen smooching, holding hands and walking through some crowded Brazilian streets for another scene. And these photos are HOT:

See LOADS more photos from TwiBrasil. And yet even more at Lion&LambLJ.

UPDATE: AAAaaaand there’s video:

(A note on these & other set photos: It remains Novel Novice’s policy to NOT post paparazzi photos of the actors or filming, however these and any other set photos you see posted here were taken by FANS and were done so respectfully, from behind production barriers and without interrupting production.)


10 Responses

  1. *Sigh* 🙂

  2. Ah, my Monday morning just got a little brighter… *swoon*

  3. Breaking Dawn is going to kill me.

  4. AHH! I don’t see a wedding ring, or a cullen wrist cuff! Has Kristen’s hair grown back, or is that a wig?

    • Not sure about the hair — and there is a theory that the wrist cuff is missing b/c it wouldn’t have gone with the tux in the wedding scene.

      As for rings — there are a couple photos where you can sort of see the hint of rings. It’s hard to tell because you can’t see their hands very well and the photos are not super great quality.

  5. i read somewhere that men didn’t wear wedding rings before WWII so it’s possible edward chose not to have one. don’t know if that’s true though.

    i can’t remember in the books if his ring was mentioned.

    • It’s not mentioned – they were talking about that over on the Lexicon. I think everyone just assumed that he would wear one, and I’m inclined to agree.
      I think he’d be so ecstatic about marrying his Bella that he’d want a ring as a symbol of their love. Or maybe his commitment to her is so solid that he feels his wearing a ring is a trivial thing.

      Oy, I’m sure we could debate this all the way to next November… 😉

      • Or maybe it was just an oversight, and after all this chatter in the fandom they’ll get a ring for the rest of the shooting and add one into these scenes digitally in post-production. 🙂

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