One Fine Summer Day Fan Fic Challenge Winners!

I know you all have been waiting a long time for this!  So sorry about the delay, but I am back on track with the fan fiction challenges now.  Voting for the First Day of School challenge will be starting today and going through Sunday, November 28.  And don’t forget about our newest challenge — We’re Not Vegetarians!

It was really hard choosing just one winner for this challenge…so I didn’t!  I chose three — one Judge’s Choice and two honorable mentions.  And, of course, we have our Reader’s Choice as chosen by your votes.  All winning authors get to proudly display this banner with their stories:

Reader’s Choice:

The Last Moments Before Forever by TwilightAlison

This is Carlisle’s story about his struggles just before his transformation.

Judge’s Choice:

The Future’s Almost Here by TwilightAlison

Alice and Jasper’s last evening before they meet the Cullens.  What I especially liked about this story, besides a sweet Jasper, was how the author brought the prompt, Summer, into her story.  Even though the story is short, I can feel the summer evening air and hear the sounds of the insects as Alice and Jasper gaze into the sky.

Honorable Mentions:

Running Home by sept13

Ever wonder what made Jake decide to run back to Forks in time for Bella and Edward’s wedding?  A very lovely story that reminded this Team Anti-Jake fan that maybe he isn’t so bad after all.

Her Sunshine Smile by LauraEmily18

This is a very sweet story starring five-year-old Bella, her dad Charlie, and a sunny day in Forks.


Congrats to the winners & thanks to everyone who entered!  All entries are posted as Favorite Stories on our fanfiction profile page.


One Response

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! I love EPOV so I was surprised when I had a dream one night and woke up with Jacob in my head. I was staying at the Lone Wolf Lodge and remembering a divine night listening to the wolves in Glacier National Park playing the Marco Polo game described in the story. Also, Taylor Lautner is such a sweetie and absolutely broke my heart in “Eclipse.”

    Congratulations to TwilightAllison! The descriptions of London were so visceral. And LauraEmily18 is so very talented. I encourage everybody to read her other stories as well.

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