Presenting: The Hillywood Show ECLIPSE Parody!

The brilliant folks at The Hillywood Show have just released their Eclipse Parody — and it is by far and away, my favorite one yet — and also probably their best work yet. They’ve really outdone themselves with this one, on everything from scene selection to music to costumes, acting, locations, etc. It’s all superb. And you may even catch what could be considered a sneak peek at “Breaking Dawn Parody” if you’re paying attention …

Here are some fun facts from Hillywood:

• Hilly twisted her ankle while on set of Eclipse Parody. She had partial tearing of the ligaments and went to physical therapy for 9 weeks.

• Eclipse Parody was shot in California, Nevada and even Forks, Washington.

• The three dresses shown in this production are recreations from Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Harper Bazaar photoshoot.

• The white dress in this production is a recreation of the dress Kristen Stewart wore on the red carpet for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse World Premier.

And in case you missed it, here’s our interview with the cast:


One Response

  1. amazing. i cant believe how far they’ve come since the twilight parody – i love this 1!!!!!! well done hillywood show x

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