The 2011 Twilight Wallpaper Calendars are here!

We’ve posted our 2011 Twilight Wallpaper Calendars over on our sister site, Novel Novice.  Go check them out!  Which one is your favorite?

Here’s a peek at January’s:


Happy Holidays from Bill Condon

Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, Bill Condon tweeted a holiday gift for Twilight fans, much like he did at Thanksgiving.

I love that there are four stockings — Charlie, Bella, Edward, and a small one for Renesmee!


From all of us at Novel Novice Twilight, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday and New Year’s.

Twilight Pumpkins

I realize Halloween has long since come and gone, but I promised to share this year’s Twilight Pumpkins and just realized I never did!

Having a new baby in the house made it difficult to do a lot of carving this year, so I only have a couple:

Bella and Edward from New Moon:
Pattern from The Pumpkin Wizard

Jasper from New Moon:
Pattern from Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils

Eclipse poster:
Pattern from Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils



Does Twilight inspire any decorations for the holidays you celebrate?  Let us know, and show us pictures!

First Day of School Fan Fiction Challenge Winners

Here are the winners for the First Day of School challenge.  And don’t forget, the We’re Not Vegetarians challenge is open for submissions until 12/31.

All winning authors get to proudly display this banner with their stories:


Readers’ Choice:

Painful Lesson by Mrs. Cope

Renesmee learns a difficult lesson about humans as she starts high school for the first time.

Judge’s Choice

Tell Me All About It by alicefan32

This is a cute story about Bella attending high school for the first time as a vampire, four years after Breaking Dawn.

* * *

Congrats to the winners & thanks to everyone who entered!  All entries are posted as Favorite Stories on our fanfiction profile page.

Happy Eclipse DVD Release Day!

Eclipse comes out on DVD today in the United States!  As I understand it, some countries have already gotten their DVDs (lucky!).

Did you decide which version you’re getting?  Are you getting more than one?  In case you missed it the first time, check out our Eclipse DVD Guide and make sure you know your options.

Did you buy the Exclusive Borders sets Twilight and New Moon?  If you want Eclipse to match, look for the Target Collector’s Edition.

What are you getting? Did you go to a midnight release party last night?