August Challenge Winners

In the August Challenge, we asked you to consider a scene from Breaking Dawn and rewrite it from another character’s perspective. We received some amazing entries and choosing the winners was extremely difficult. After much consideration, here are our picks:

1. “Lightning Bolt” by Iris Messenger
     This story is bold and brilliant. I’m going to quote my fellow judge Chela, because she said it most eloquently: “Very clever! I admire those who chose to write from the point of view of Irina. First of all, it’s different and challenging, which is a major plus in my book. She’s also a minor character; we only saw her as the “betrayer” in Breaking Dawn… and the only one who got killed by the Volturi. This writer manages to give Irina’s character more depth and that gives us further understanding behind those intentions. I hung on to every word that she said, feeling the suspense and anxiety during Irina’s unforgettable confrontation with the Volturi. What shocked me was last line (before she died), it was the perfect twist. You already knew what was coming (her death, obviously), yet there was an unexpected twist. It gave me chills. That did it for me.”

2. “Metamorphosis” by LivesAmongTheStars
This is Bella’s transformation from Edward’s perspective. But by writing from Edward’s POV, the author was able to give is insight into not only his mind, but his fellow family members’ minds, as well, through the use of his gift. The emotional charge is intense — electric — when you read this story. Because unlike the original story told from Bella’s perspective, you have so much more going on. Not only do you feel Edward’s anxiety over Bella’s transformation, but you have the added drama of Jacob’s imprint and the other Cullen family dramas unfolding throughout that time. This story fits beautifully with the original book and adds in-depth insight into Edward and the other major players.

3. Tie: “Lee-Lee” by fairmaidofkent& “The Water is Always Clearest After Dawn” by free-your-mind-dreamer
     Both of these stories are told from Leah’s POV, and both offer in-depth looks at her character. But the comparisons stop there. Each story is unique and beautifully written in its own right. In “Lee-Lee,” the writer examines a very short exchange from Breaking Dawn and looks closely at what it means to Leah through the use of flashbacks. Chela adds, “The writer was very bold when she wrote Leah’s POV. She really got into the character — and a complex character at that! Adding in Leah’s memories about Sam was interesting to read. And very in character, actually. It impressed me.”
In “The Water is Always Clearest After Dawn,” this writer explores another aspect of Leah’s character. It shows that despite her own pain, she still cares very deeply for the others in her life — and in this particular story, that includes Jacob. It’s a very moving, touching story chock full of emotion.

Runner-up: “Never” by Aiedail01
This story is beautifully written from Rosalie’s perspective and gives you further insight into what her character is thinking and feeling before Bella’s pregnancy changed their relationship. This is early Rosalie and plays quite nicely into the events of the story. You can see Rosalie’s struggle over her jealousy and her desire to see Edward (and even Bella) happy despite her own misgivings.

Runner-up: “No Good Deed” by Ase Coffer
Taking a chapter from Bella’s perspective, and rewriting it from Jacob’s POV, this author gives a haunting look at what he was feeling during a particularly heated exchange with Bella just before her honeymoon. Chela said it best: “When I read this, I could literally feel AND understand the pain Jacob was going through. It stuck out to me for that reason. It was deep and well-thought out.”

Honorable mentions go to “Monster” by Tess and “A Changing Heart” by blondieAKArobin.


3 Responses

  1. A Changed Heart is a really lovely story.

  2. a changing heart is wonderful…monster doesn’t have a link so it won’t come up. 😦 Is there a way to fix that?

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