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fan fic picks

Welcome to our Fan Fic Picks feature!  Each month we will focus on a different theme, and bring you new stories related to that theme each week.

Want to recommend stories for the upcoming theme?  Check this post to see the details!

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Previously highlighted at Novel Novice Twilight:


14 Responses

  1. umm, yeah. this story is pretty much amazing…and there’s a sequel too! it’s by the amazing daintress over on TA.
    The Road Less Traveled:
    the sequel is The Road Not Taken:
    please check them out, this is an amazing author and she’s written tons of awesome stories. =]

  2. Everything by ‘subtlynice’. She REALLY does a good job of getting the characters and exploring events from their different perspectives.


    Sorry if that’s not a real hyper-link – I’m not as tech savvy as I ought to be.


    ‘The Perfect Fit’ is an awesome story from Edward’s POV relating an event pre-Twilight with the Compromise chapter in Eclipse.

    ‘Chatting with Charlie’ is the funniest story from Edward’s POV I have ever read! It’s not something that actually happened in the books, but it could have.

  5. I have two stories for you!

    THE LIST it’s a slight smut fest but is very good and it builds on Bella and Edwards relationship beautifully. It’s set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn although it does carry over slightly.

    NOT LIKE THIS it’s more of an angst fest but it’s very well written. It’s an AU New Moon story and they are all human.

  6. i have 2 stories:

    This is just a sweet Jalice story i thought i’d share, not enough attention is payed to Jasper and Alice so i thought i’d try it.

    This is a two parter about the Cullens and if they played board games at night cause they were so bored.

    this is part 2:

  7. For a different take on Nessie:
    Sasha by Kenosha Chick:

    The story is complete, as well as 3 sequels and a 4th in process at Fan Fiction. But the version on Twilighted is edited and improved.

  8. This is an Alice & Jasper scene that takes place around the end of Twilight (written by me):

    Please Review!
    Lots of vampire love,

  9. A wish sends Bella back in time to Chicago, 1918, and to a human Edward.
    It has POVB in 1918 and POVE in present. I have read it several times and just fell in love. Over 4000 reviews!!!

  10. here is a neat story I came across. its about a human edward and bella in 1917 completely AU but stick pretty close to canon personalities. this isnt all human either which is pretty cool.

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