October-November Fan Fic Pics — New Moon


We kicked off our Fan Fic Picks feature during the 30 Days of New Moon, bringing you several New Moon stories each week during the months of October and November.

These stories focus on Bella’s depression, both from her perspective and Charlie’s.  You may want to have tissues handy.

Bella’s personal sun, Jacob Black.   Still very emotional pieces, but not in the same way as Bella’s depression.

Six of the Cullens — Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, Emmett and Carlisle, specifically — tell us their stories.

Edward, Edward, Edward, what were you thinking when you left Bella in the woods that day?!  You’ll want a box of tissues with you.  Maybe two.

  • November 20 — coming soon
  • November 27 — coming soon

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