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  1. I have a recommendation for two books I thought were quite good. “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore and the prequel being released next month “Fire”. They are both very hard to put down. I haven’t read many books that have captivated me as much as the Twilight series but these are very good. There is just one slow period in “Graceling” near the end but I would recommend both of them for “Twilight” lovers.

    Love the new trailer! I have probably watched it more than 20 times now. Obviously they have added a few things not in the book but I am still trying to figure out the scene where Bella and Alice are in Bella’s truck in front of her house, Alice talking about the Volturi; they should be on their way to the airport. Victoria dropping out of the tree also. Those are the two scenes I am not sure about. The others I can understand why they are there.

  2. I would love to suggest a series called Vampire Academy, which I think a lot of people here will already have read!

    I even have a few reading copies if NNT would like to do a giveaway – email me!

  3. for all those ‘not-so-young’ adults who love the twilight romance, you should check out the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. It’s the mystery, romance, and first person perspective that we love from Bella, but all the juicy details Stephanie left to our imaginations!
    PS: True Blood series on HBO is based on these books, but quite LOOSELY! The books are the real deal!

  4. its not dat romancey thing but cirque de freak by darren shan…really good…they r makin a movie but it will suck so read da book

  5. check out this poem i made

    tell me if you like it and if you understand it

    Why did he leave me?

    The one thing I couldn’t live without has been ripped from my life.
    It feels like my heart has been stabbed with a knife.
    You were gone for months and those months that passed by
    made me realize that all I could do to forget was die.
    Then, I found someone that could fill the hole in my heart.
    I didn’t know that in a couple of days he would tear us apart.
    I tried and tried to talk but he said I wouldn’t listen.
    When he yelled and said, “I’m sorry I can’t be the right kind of monster for you,” my tears mixed with the sudden fall of rain and started to glisten.
    He turned away and my heart shattered.
    When this happened I realized that nothing mattered.
    We were at my house and I got a call. It was him.
    He asked for my dad but he wasn’t there so he said,
    “Sorry he’s at the funeral.”

  6. I love the twilight series. I’m definitely Robsessed, but the first time i saw a movie called: Stardust, I almost felt the exact same way about this guy named Tristan Thorne or Charlie Cox. I would suggest this movie to anyone that loves Twilight!!!

    • I loved that movie, too! It’s based on a book, too — “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman. It’s a bit different from the movie, but really wonderful.

  7. I Love Twilight Saga.

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