Defining Twilight & Novel Novice Twilight

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* About Defining Twilight

* Defining Twilight’s Essay/Fan Fiction Contest

* NNT’s July-August 2009 Fan Fiction Challenge, sponsored by Defining Twilight (ends 8/31)

* NNT reviews Defining Twilight

* Preview the first 10 pages of Defining Twilight here.
(Copyright 2009 Brian Leaf. Reprinted with permission from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

* College Week: Bella’s College Essay Contest (ends 7/26)

* College Week: Where should I go?

* College Week: WWCD — Carlisle’s Advice About College

* College Week: Tips for taking the SAT/ACT from Brian Leaf

* College Week: Advice for the College-Bound

* About Defining New Moon

* NNT reviews Defining New Moon

* About Defining Eclipse

* NNT reviews Defining Eclipse

Wondering what Defining Twilight is all about? Check out our video-trailer for the book:

More exciting things to come very soon! Stay tuned!!


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  1. […] Entries should be e-mailed to by midnight (PST) on Sunday, July 26th. To see everything from Novel Novice Twilight and Defining Twilight, (including our review of the book, and an exlusive preview of the book) CLICK HERE: […]

  2. team edward rules

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