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     2008 was all about declaring yourself – Team Edward or Team Jacob – and rocking the vote. Novel Novice Twilight used the 2008 U.S. Nat’l elections as inspiration for our highly successful Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Campaign.

     For 2009, we turn to our original inspiration – using Twilight as a way to get people (young people, especially)educated about and involved in politics. And this year in real-life politics there is a renewed effort for bipartisanship. Here at NNT, we want the same thing for Team Edward and Team Jacob. That’s why we’re excited to launch the Team Switzerland Project (or TSP for short).  

     All this year, we are inviting fans to submit their videos, artwork, poetry and other creative works to show how Team Edward and Team Jacob can get along. Every Friday this year is Team Switzerland Day – and throughout the year, we’ll share everything we receive – as well as revealing exciting, new parts of the Team Switzerland Project. We’re also excited to partner with the Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes, Twilight Parents Examiner & Twilighters Anonymous. Every other week one of these sites will host Team Switzerland Day!

     You’ll find everything about the Team Switzerland Project right here — and on our homepage. Check out our latest offerings:

To submit your work for the Team Switzerland Project e-mail

Check out NNT’s original Team Switzerland videos below:


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  2. Team Switzerland Project is a great way to show how much people really don’t care what kind of monster Edward and Jacob are.

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  6. dont bother looking at the website bcuz im still working on it but when its done its gonna be a great twilight fan site… anyways…i LOVE the team switzerland idea and i cant wait 2 get twilight on dvd!!!

  7. […] the Lexicon’s first Team Switzerland Project Day we will be looking at music that inspires Team Edward and Team Jacob to get along.  This song is […]

  8. Team Switzerland is like the best idea that has every been made. I never could choose between Team Edward or Team Jacob.


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    true love is crisanthiums in the eaves
    a midsummer night is just a breath away
    true love help you breath
    dreaming on a midsummer day.

    love is strong love is sweet
    darkness is sad and a painful affair


  14. I will follow up with that poem as it is a work in progress.


  15. love is strong love is sweet
    pain is a terible sad affair

    two love you but you cant love two
    because one is a brother and one is a lover
    lover and brother need to come together
    for peace to remain and you to remain.


    Too many people think of me
    And there is a war that rages in mystery
    Two fight too much whether cold or warm
    One brother one lover never calm

    I’m half way caught in the mystery
    I’m half way caught in the myth
    Too far, too long no way to choose
    Their tearing me apart
    Two are killing me…

    My brother is the warm one,
    His skin is like the sun,
    He tears me apart,
    But my lovers my one.


    My lovers the cold one,
    His sent draws me in,
    His eyes change colors,
    With his mood swings.

    They tear me apart
    Pull me both ways
    I’ll chose my lover but I still love my brother
    End to end we meet.

  17. hi plz dont copy the songs as I’m working dto improve them any tips would be helpful.


  18. plz dont copy

  19. Im kinda a Jacob girl but at times Edward dazzles me and all I see is him!! Why choose??

  20. Hey, a clip there was from A Walk To Remember right??? 🙂

  21. Good good – thanks a lot ! I like this film!

  22. hi plz dont copy the songs as I’m working dto improve them any tips would be helpful.

  23. I’m team Mike, because nobody likes him.

  24. […] tried to force together? It didn’t stop us from trying to forge a truce of our own with the Team Switzerland Project […]

  25. Thats a very nice song by Grace.

  26. hi grace, i love the song, you wanted an opinion on what parts to change, i can only suggest the part about the lover, that bit i dont understand much.

    see ya
    team jacob all the way

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  28. […] you missed a previous Team Switzerland day post and would like to get in on the action, click here to view past […]

  29. i love twilight and i am definately on team jacob

  30. […] of course, in a bought of non-partisan brokership, we launched the Team Switzerland Project in […]

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