Back to School Week

back to school week 2009

Back to School Week 2010: Sept. 6-10

* Back to School Week Contest
* Sept.-Oct. 2010: First Day of School Fan Fiction Challenge
* Twilight Saga Homework Planners (free download!)
* Twilight Saga Essay & Project Ideas
* Resources & Ideas for using The Twilight Saga in the Classroom

Back to School Week 2009: Sept. 7-11

* Introducing Back to School Week 2009
* Back to School Twilight Fashion Guide
* Back to School Downloads (2009)
* Classroom Spotlight: Ms. Thomas’ New Moon boards
* Twilight in the Classroom: Ms. Truitt’s class projects

Back to School Week 2008: Sept. 8-14

* Twilight Yearbook 2008
* Friday Night TwiLights
* Back to School Downloads (2008)
* Twilight Lesson Plan
* September ’08/Back to School Fan Fiction Challenge

See more education-based goodies in the Novel Novice Twilight Classroom.


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  1. i loving u jacob n its team jacob all dah way

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