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25 Responses

  1. TEAM EDWARD FOR LIFE!!yeahhs He is wayy better than Jacob,plus he dazzles me and he sparkles;D lololol

  2. TEAM JacoB!!!!!!
    i run with the wolves!

  3. ew. I love both Ed and Jake( i gta love Jake he was there for bella when ED left and if it werent for him bella would be with her mom n prlly never see Ed again the books end with new moon, AHHHH now who would want that?!) but still…………… TEAM EDWARD!!!!
    *HOWL, WOOF!* *CHOMP* *ARF* “Shut up, pup.”

  4. go edward!!! ya i agree that if it werent for jake, bella would hav lost all hope and never had the chance to meet ed again+ he kept bella safe from all harm when ed left bella… awww… but still edward’s more hotter than jake!!!! go edward!!! i cant w8 for the next movie!!! i hope new moon would be a whole lot better!!!! twilighter for life!! ^_^

  5. i sssooo badly want to be a vampire!!! hahaha… GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!! I LOVE ALICE TOO!!! WOOOhoOo…

  6. Team Edward is the way to go. I mean, how can you not vote for Edward. He is such a hottie.

    But most of all, look at him and Bella together. They are a perfect match. They were ment to be.

  7. GO EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. TEAM JACOB!!!! Because real men don’t sparkle.

  9. i am for TEAM EDWARD! he is my man and we will be together forever!!! he is the perfect boyfriend ever!!!
    and real men do sparkle! i have seen it

  10. I’m sorry but I’m Team Edward all the way.

    These downloads are really cool! Thanks!

  11. EDWARD AND BELLA! THEY WERE MEANT TO BE, AND THEY ARE MEANT TO BE! Imagine if Bella ended up with Jacob… she’d be still human. But what if she was a vampire but she got married to Jacob? THAT IS SO AGAINST THE TREATY!! HAHA. But Jacob broke the treaty.

  12. Everyone is here today and i mit not be human but i lov jaks to he is my family nessie is big to


    ps emmet say hi

  13. Team Edward of course !
    I hate Jacob !
    Bella and Edward forever <33

  14. team jacob!!! woot! wolves are better then sparkly vampirez O.o team jacob is WAY better!! XD

  15. These downloads r cool!!!!!!
    Team Edward!!!!!
    Team Jacob Sucks!!!!!!!
    twilighter 4 life:)

  16. I want something to do with JASPER!!!!!!!!!

  17. I love the download the one that says I love Jacob because he is like the cutest persin in the whole wide world like I’m not joking.I love these downloadsthey r soo cool.I wish there would be more Jacob than Edward.If I could meet Taylor Lautner thet would be awesome!anyways I would give out my number, but some weirdo can call our house so yea.

    On the New Mon trailer he is so cute when he says what the hell were you thinking and I even saw the movie.This old grandma was there and was crying on the part when Edward and stuff were fighting at the volturi.She was weird she was one seast away from my cousin.And two seats away from me and three seats away from my other cousin.My two first girl cousins on my dad’s side are so anoyying to me and by the way if any of you want to add me as a friend on Windows Live my e-mail address is koko-woko_04 @hotmail.com.

    one more time…

    I FREAKIN LOVE JACOB BLACK111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. im on team jacob for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would anybody be on team edward??????? i would rather have a werewolf protect me than a vampire

  20. I love Jacob and the warewolves.. So do my oldest daughter and sister. My youngest daughter, my mom, and my neice are Edward fans… My house is covered in jacob and edward everything!!!! We love all the books and movies… cant wait for the next one… Twilight id for everyone… Old… and… Young…

  21. team jacob forever!!!! so not team edward!!! real men do not sparkle.

  22. Team Edward all the way; i run with vampires.
    I looooove The Twilight Saga

  23. team edward sparkles like a princesses tiara so ha hes all frootloopish

  24. i love werewolfs

    i did the werewolf human or vampire

    i was a werewolf 😀

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